Friday, July 12, 2013

Erika Gets Baptized!!!

My "Princess"... Aka my oldest niece Erika turned 8 a few weeks ago and was baptized on Saturday! Erika and I have a very special bond as she is my oldest niece/nephew. I babysat her a ton and we have had a million Erika and Becca Date Nights! 

Erika is the most kind, loving, and accepting person I have ever met. Because of this, she had many, many friends. These are her friends who came to her baptism from ALL over Utah!

The men who confirmed Erika a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Joe, Grandpa Gilbert, Michael, Uncle James, Aaron, Dustin, Nate, Dennis, and Matt. Since my dad couldn't be here, my brother was able to be a witness at the baptism.

Jen's cute family 

I'm so proud of you and your good choices!!!! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Huff Reunion 2013

Dustin's mom's family has their family reunion over the 4th of July every year. Usually they go up to Grandma Huff's cabin, but sadly it was burned down in a wildfire last year! So this year they rented a cabin up in Fruitland.

Dustin had to work today, so we went up just for the 3rd and 4th. But we crammed as much in in those two days as we could!

Porter helped us load up the 4-wheelers

We stopped at Daniels Summit for dinner and found this AWESOME hat for Porter. He loved it, and we couldn't resist!

The view from our tent door- gorgeous 

He's got his helmet on and is ready to go 4-wheelin'

Riding his 4-wheeler... So happy!

Daddy woke Porter up at 4:30 in the morning to go fishing! Crazy! This is how happy he woke up after his LONG morning nap.

Riding 4-wheelers

Two rounds of fishing in one day made Dus a very happy man!

And I LOVED relaxing in the sun on the banks of a gorgeous mountain reservoir!

I wish we could have stayed longer, but Dustin had to work and so I came home with him. Porter wanted to keep camping, so Grandma and Grandpa volunteered to keep him! They're awesome!!!!

March 2012- June 2013... PATHETIC

Since I am so far behind- I am going to just post my FAVORITE photos from the last year. Thanks to iPhones, I started with a few THOUSAND and narrowed it down to a couple hundred, then down to 50-ish... Sorry! :) And I apologize, they uploaded out of order... oh well!

Our little family at Aunt Ashley's wedding. Ashley is Dustin's youngest sister.
Ashley + McKay and Jon + MaryBeth were married two months apart. It was a crazy summer last year!

 Porter at Jon and MaryBeth's wedding. Mary Beth is Dustin's sister and they were married last August. Porter was NOT happy that Daddy put him up in a window in the temple. 

 Porter got potty trained a few months ago and is LOVING it!

Little man LOVES sour punch straws. One day when we were getting out of the car, he climbed right up and into my seat and started eating the ones I had just bought for myself.

Love him!

Christmas 2012- Loving his football and helmet! This is an everyday occurrence at our house!

He learned how to wash his own hair and he thinks he is pretty cool stuff!

I love this picture- I think he looks SO grown up! This was taken in April 2013.

Out to dinner at Wingers- this little boy LOVES his veggies- so he ate all the celery!

Porter loves his Grandma Great Huff. This is Dustin's Grandma and she is an incredible woman! Porter gets to go to lunch with her every Tuesday, and he loves it!

He recently learned how to play Hide N Go Seek... Sometimes he decides to make himself comfortable with a blanket, pillow, and his favorite stuffed animal, Henry.

three generations of Davies' boys... they all LOVE their movies!

Austin and Porter were "cleaning" Aunt Jen's shower

Porter's new buddy, Rocky

One day we helped Grandma and Grandpa Great Davies slaughter their chickens... Porter thought the "chicken dance" was funny, but he loved the baby kittens more! Mommy's allergies did NOT.

Shopping at Traverse Mountain and this little man decided to make himself comfortable!
 His new 4-wheeler that Grandma and Grandpa got him for Christmas
 Sound asleep on Daddy. Life is exhausting!

Ready to go shovel snow in Grandpa's boots

Plowing snow with Daddy

Who doesn't love wearing Daddy's dress boots over Jammies?
 These two are best buddies

I love this pic! It sums Porter up! He is ALWAYS ready to go play any sport you can throw at him! What two year old knows what helmet is used for what sport? He grabbed Landon's baseball helmet, and then his mitt and baseball. Then he said, "Porter need my cleats!"

Shooting guns with Daddy
 Riding his 4-wheeler. We have done a lot of camping this year and Porter LOVES it.
Little man had multiple molers coming in at once... he did NOT feel well :(

Jammin out

 He found the step stool and decided to use it to his benefit, so he went around "fixing" all the lights.

After the Bingham Family Reunion- Porter was COMPLETELY exhausted!

He LOVES the summer!

When he gets really tired, he makes himself a bed on the landing of the stairs.

Porter's new thing is to cuddle with Mom before his nap. He has NEVER done this until the last month or so- and I am loving it! Sometimes he falls asleep watching Thomas the Train.

Grandma Cindy and Bop bought Porter this new bike for his birthday! Porter calls my mom "Gramma Church" because everytime he talks to her, when she hangs up she says, "Oh! I've got to go to Church Porter!" So her name is Grandma Church :)

Landon, Porter, and Austin at Temple Square
Daddy cuddles walking into 7-Peaks
 Our family at Easter

I LOVE this little boy! June 2013

Porter cuddling his new cousin, Gordon. Gordon is Ashley + McKay's baby.
Fearless! Except for ants (they might bite him) and fish (they might hurt him!) Funny kid.

Throwing rocks on the top of Soldier Summit, my dad's Cabin Development Property up Spanish Fork Canyon.

Shopping for a present for Baby Hadley!

Love my little cowboy! 
Grandma Church bought this hat for him and he LOVES it!

He has his screwdriver out and is fixin' his lawnmower. I'm raising a hick, and I love it!

Yelling simultaneously at Uncle Landon's rugby match (they took state- beating Highland! woot woot!)
 Porter on his 1 year birthday! Such a chunk!
 With his broken leg :(